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About me

I am Biologist with an international master degree in "Protected Areas Management" and an additional certificate in "Desktop- and Webpublishing".

Since about twenty years I am working in the field of environment and nature protection. Thereby, I got to known to NGO activities as well as to the functioning of scientific institutions and the sphere of action of (international) consultants. Several stays abroad and the personal exchange between different cultures and disciplines consistently allowed for changing perspectives and rethinking some of my opinions and current approaches. I realised that for safeguarding our natural resources it is crucial to consider the needs of all interest groups and to closely cooperate in the development of acceptable solutions for the general public.

During my professional career, I would like to contribute to maintain diverse and species-rich cultural landscapes, and to protect at least some wilderness areas in Germany and worldwide. In order to achieve my goals, I act structured and goal oriented, and appreciate room for creativity and free-spirited approaches.